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AN IDEA WORTH SHARING Starting A Hamburger Social At Your Airport

by John P. Chmiel, Manager Wausau Downtown Airport (KAUW) – President, Wausau Flying Service Wausau, Wisconsin Published in Midwest Flyer Magazine – Aug/Sept 2016 When we first came up with the idea of “Hamburger Social Night At The Airport,” I … Continue reading

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Make The Most of Your Membership!

by Mark R. Baker President & CEO Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association AOPA members know a lot about their association. But most of them have no idea just how many ways they can put their membership to work. If you’re … Continue reading

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Getting & Staying Engaged With Our Elected Officials

by Dave Weiman In this issue, you will read about the president of the Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association (AOPA), Mark Baker, who met with our elected officials on Capitol Hill recently to lobby on behalf of GA. Mark brought … Continue reading

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Wisconsin Amends Recreational Use Statute To Protect Private Airport Owners From Public-Use Liability

MADISON, WIS. (February 18, 2014) – The Wisconsin Assembly has passed Senate Bill 321 to protect private airport owners in the state from liability when the public uses their airports for recreational purposes. The measure is an amendment to the … Continue reading

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Happy 2014! Let’s Make It Count!

News & Information You’ll Want To Know In Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska & Iowa by Yasmina Platt Manager, AOPA Central Southwest Region Happy New Year to everybody! I hope you ended 2013 well and that 2014 brings you even more happiness … Continue reading

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Charting A Course To Accommodate North Dakota Aviation Growth

by Stephanie Ward Growth. It’s something every airport strives to achieve. It can be measured in a number of ways: the total number of operations, the number of based aircraft, the gallons of fuel sold, the number of hours flown, … Continue reading

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Legislation Pending Affects Private Airport Owner Liability In Wisconsin

Last winter, Wisconsin private airport owner, Chuck Aldrian, identified elected officials who would introduce legislation which would amend the Recreational Use Statute (RUS) in Wisconsin to include non-commercial aviation activities to protect private airport owners from liability from any incident. … Continue reading

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Transition From Towered To Non-Towered Airports

by Hal Davis Airport Compliance Manager As I write this article, federal sequestration is set to discontinue funding at eight (8) Wisconsin air traffic control towers on June 15, 2013. Whether that happens is anyone’s guess. Barring any congressional or … Continue reading

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“Landings For Lunches” 1st Annual Spot Landing Contest For Charity Wausau, Wisconsin

WAUSAU, WIS. – The fixed base operator known for innovation in promoting aviation and flight training, John Chmiel of Wausau Flying Service, Wausau Downtown Airport (KAUW), has created a “spot landing contest” to encourage pilot proficiency, and raise money for … Continue reading

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ForeFlight’s Review of The iPad Mini

IF YOU FEEL cramped in the cockpit with the 10-inch iPad, try the “iPad Mini.” The folks at “ForeFlight” have been flight-testing their ForeFlight Mobile on a 16 GB iPad Mini WiFi, paired with a Bad Elf GPS Pro, a … Continue reading

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