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X, Y, Z Approaches Part II, ATC Communications & How To Amend A Reroute Clearance On The 430/530

by Michael J. “Mick” Kaufman In this issue of Midwest Flyer Magazine, I would like to add more insight into one of the topics I covered in the last issue on the puzzle of X, Y, Z approaches. A new … Continue reading

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What Does Roger Really Mean?” FAA Notice Number: NOTC3893

For most of us, we learned to use the word “Roger” early in our aviation career. We learned that it simply means that we heard and understand what the other person said. We were clearly taught that it connotes no … Continue reading

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In A Pinch, Private Airstrip Versus Nothing… Where Would You Prefer To Land?

by Dave Weiman Wouldn’t it be nice if in the event you or your fellow aviator had an in-flight emergency that you could be directed by air traffic control (ATC) to the closest airport, whether paved, grass, private or public? … Continue reading

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White House Wants User Fees

User fees were supposed to be off the table, but the Obama Administration says that it needs the money to help reduce the deficit, despite the federal excise taxes we are already paying through fuel sales. The Obama Administration wants … Continue reading

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