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Go With The Flow!

by Lt. Col. Nick Modders Safety Officer 130th Composite Squadron USAF Auxiliary/CAP Supplemental Thoughts On Checklists & Their Use Checklists have been a popular aid in aviation since the Army Air Corps’ chief test pilot took off in a B-17 … Continue reading

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Earning The Instrument Rating In A Perfect World!

by Karen Workman The advantages of having an “instrument rating” cannot be disputed. The rating adds a huge margin of safety to your flying, and increases the utility of both your pilot certificate and aircraft. A pilot certificate gives you … Continue reading

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A Surfeit of Data

by Harold Green These days we suffer from a surfeit of data. There seems to be two sources. Pilots themselves and the advent of more advanced electronics. The even more advanced electronics of the glass cockpit is a subject for … Continue reading

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Some Ruminations On Aeronautical Decision-Making

by Harold Green Please be advised that this discussion includes some whining and preaching! No panacea absolving pilots of fault for bad decisions is offered, and no single solution is put forth. Rather, it is suggested that we assume greater … Continue reading

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Know The Weather & Be Flexible To Fly Another Day

by Jeffery Taylor Aviation Consultant WisDOT Bureau of Aeronautics Flying in the Midwest can be a challenge. The weather, especially in fall and winter, is often unpredictable and can quickly become less than ideal. We all learned early in our … Continue reading

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Online Course For Winter Flying

Pilots need to have a solid grasp of weather concepts so they can make smart aeronautical decisions based upon what they see on weather charts and outside their windshield. The Weather Wise series of online courses from the AOPA Air Safety … Continue reading

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OKCITY’S Emergency & Post-Crash Survival Training For GA Pilots

by Pete Aarsvold The FAA Civil Aerospace Medical Institute (CAMI) located at Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City, Okla., offers a one-day training course to familiarize U.S. civil aviation pilots and flight crews with the physiological and psychological stress … Continue reading

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Laser Beams At Aircraft

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is launching a new website for pilots and the public to report incidents of lasers pointed at aircraft, which can distract or temporarily blind pilots. The FAA says laser incidents have … Continue reading

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Redbird Teams Up With King & Cessna To Help Reduce Student Dropout Rate

OSHKOSH, WIS. – In a joint press conference during EAA AirVenture, July 29, 2011, King Schools and Redbird Flight Simulations announced that they have partnered to provide simulator-centric flight training in combination with Cessna’s scenario-based training curriculum. This will take … Continue reading

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Your Freedom To Fly

Pilots must remember to be thorough and responsible from preflight planning to tie-down for the day. MTRs  * VFR pilots must take particular notice of where they are flying when simply flying for the fun of it. It is possible … Continue reading

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