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Letter from Bob Worthington

Published in Midwest Flyer – Aug/Sept 2016 Dave: I finished reading the magazines you sent me. Looking forward to getting more! In the February/March 2016 issue, I really liked the “Operation LZ” article by Jim Hanson. It is interesting how … Continue reading

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A GA Pilot’s Perspective On Flying The Space Shuttle

by Jim Hanson Published in Midwest Flyer Magazine – Aug/Sept 2016 In the June/July 2016 issue of Midwest Flyer Magazine, I shared my experience flying a King Air 200 to Cape Canaveral, simulating a space shuttle landing on the 15,000 … Continue reading

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GA Pilot Lands GA Aircraft At Cape Canaveral

by Jim Hanson I recently had the opportunity to do something REALLY different–and REALLY fun in aviation! A national association of pilots (the name cannot be revealed because by their codebook; they seek no publicity) is made up of  “aviators … Continue reading

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OPERATION LZ… A Community Air Show To Finally Welcome Home Our Vietnam Vets

by Jim Hanson Regardless of national policy in Washington, we tend to support our military personnel, whether we agree with that policy or not. For instance, when the decision was made to get involved in the Vietnam War, hundreds of … Continue reading

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Teaching Students, Teaching Teachers, Teaching Ourselves – A Great Glider Weekend!

by Jim Hanson I was recently reminded why I like gliding: •  It gets you into the air. • It’s a chance to improve your aviation skills and airmanship. • It can be some of the cheapest flying you’ll ever … Continue reading

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State Legislative Sessions & AOPA Off & Running!

News & Information You’ll Want To Know In Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota & South Dakota by Bryan Budds Manager, AOPA Great Lakes Region The 2015 legislative sessions are off and running and so is the AOPA … Continue reading

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Lake Area Technical Institute Thriving!

by Jim Hanson SIDEBAR: The irony of it all! At a time when pilots are in short supply, avionics technicians are in short supply, and mechanics are in short supply, many university programs are shutting down. Lake Area Technical Institute … Continue reading

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Once-And-For-All – No Question About It – Flying Motor Gliders Is The Way To Fly Without A Medical & Much More!

by Jim Hanson I like gliders. They are pure sport. There is not pretension of being able to use them for efficient and reliable travel. Gliders fly more like jets than piston airplanes fly like jets. Like jets, gliders are … Continue reading

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Lessons Learned About GA, From Unlikely Sources

by Jim Hanson It seems like it’s been years since we had any good news in the General Aviation industry. Oh, don’t get me wrong…innovation and new products come out all the time, but it seems that the “glory days” … Continue reading

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Minnesota’s Aviation Bill An Improvement

by Jim Hanson Manager of Albert Lea Airport Inc. Albert Lea, Minnesota It’s mostly good news! Eliminating the tax on aviation parts not only helps Minnesota airplane owners, but helps Minnesota FBOs remain competitive with other states and with mail … Continue reading

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