House Leadership Declines to Schedule ATC Privatization Bill on House Floor

WASHINGTON (October 9, 2017) – Congressional proponents of ATC privatization continued their efforts last week, taking to the House floor and meeting with general aviation stakeholders in key congressional districts in attempts to garner support for their legislation.

While decrying a few Washington special interests for holding up consideration of the FAA bill that would turn the nation’s air traffic control system over to the airlines, it was widely believed the legislation would be considered by the full House this Wednesday. However, the House Republican Leadership’s floor schedule for this week still does not include the FAA bill.

The continued absence of the FAA bill from House floor consideration is being attributed to the general aviation community’s continued strong opposition.
It is important that if you have not yet contacted Congress via the GA industry advocacy hotline, (855) 265-9002, to do so without delay and tell your Representative to oppose ATC privatization.

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