People Deserving of Recognition

Dave Weiman

by Dave Weiman

Our congratulations to those individuals, who have been recognized this spring at various aviation events for significant contributions to aviation. For those organizations, which sponsor awards, we urge them to keep raising the bar to ensure that the awards always retain their value.

Coming up at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh in July are tributes to two all-time greats – Bob Hoover and Burt Rutan – Hoover for his unbelievable air show performances, and Burt Rutan for his many aircraft designs that helped change the face of not only Oshkosh, but planet earth and beyond! (See page 44.)

In this issue you will read about two airport managers at a commercially served airport, who care as much about general aviation as they do the airlines. (See page 12.)

AOPA Great Lakes Regional Representative Bill Blake gives us hope with his column, “Signs GA Is Getting Stronger” (page 22); AOPA President Craig Fuller shares his perspective on political action committees (page 23); and EAA President Rod Hightower officially starts the summer flying season (page 40).

Attorney Greg Reigel discusses why creating a corporation or limited liability company for our aircraft may be in our best interest, and Attorney Joe Vacek warns pilots to know state and local laws before making an off-field landing. (See pages 24 and 26, respectively.)

In our “Instrument Flight” section, CFII Mike Kaufman describes the importance of autopilots and their pitfalls (page 28). Then CFII Harold Green gives us tips on how to stay IFR current within our comfort zones (page 30), followed by CFII Jim Hanson who brings us Part II of his series on how best to recruit and retain pilots (page 41).

Other columns and articles in this issue include “High On Health” by Dr. John Beasley (page 34), an article on the future of aviation college programs by Dr. Pat Mattson (page 20), a feature on an aircraft builder and mentor by Ed Leineweber (page 56), and the cover story on “flying taildraggers” by CFII John Chmiel.

That’s just a sampling of what you will read in this issue of Midwest Flyer Magazine.

In closing, this issue of Midwest Flyer Magazine is dedicated to several very special people: air show performers Kyle and Amanda Franklin, who have contributed greatly to the air show entertainment industry (page 35); Roy Arneson of Flying Scotchman at Minneapolis-Crystal Airport; and aviation publisher and television personality, Sherm Booen. I received my Private Pilot Certificate thanks to Roy’s dedication to flight training, and it was Sherm Booen who inspired us to start this magazine. See article on page 47, and please consider making a donation to the Kyle & Amanda Franklin Fund on page 35. Thank you!

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