Airport Construction In Wisconsin

by Hal Davis
Airport Compliance Manager

The old joke is that Wisconsin has two seasons, winter and construction! Aviators know that the construction season isn’t limited to the highways. Every year, from thaw to freeze, Wisconsin airports are bustling with construction activity, and last year was no exception. In 2012, Wisconsin airports completed a wide range of projects that expanded and rehabilitated airport infrastructure. Airport development projects completed during the 2012 construction season included: 5 Runways, 9 Taxiways, 4 Aprons, 6 Airport Roads, 5 Buildings, 3 Airfield Lighting, 5 Automated Weather Stations, 5 Snow Removal Equipment, 13 Miscellaneous Projects, 55 Total Projects.

This construction season, expect to see even more projects at Wisconsin airports. Some notable projects include the replacement of airfield lighting at Kenosha (ENW) and expansion of the general aviation apron at Outagamie County Regional Airport (ATW). Two airports, East Troy (57C) and Fort Atkinson (61C), are completing runway reconstruction projects this summer, while 12 additional airports are rehabilitating their runways by taking advantage of the Wisconsin Bureau of Aeronautics’ “seal coat program.”

This year, terminal buildings at Monroe (EFT), Janesville (JVL), Mosinee (CWA), and La Crosse (LSE) will be remodeled or reconstructed. Seven airports are constructing or expanding airfield maintenance buildings, and six are improving airport land for future hangar development. Rest assured, the list of 2013 Wisconsin airport project does not stop there.

Each airport construction project has the potential to impact normal airport activity. Be sure to contact your local airport manager to find out if any projects are scheduled for your airport and as always, check NOTAMs before you go flying. For more information on past and future airport development projects, including the Wisconsin Bureau of Aeronautics’ Five-Year Airport Improvement Program, visit the Wisconsin Bureau of Aeronautics’ website at, or call (608) 266-3351.

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