Wind, Waves or Weather . . . Schweiss Doors Work!

Imagine having a fun family day on the water in your favorite fishing or speedboat, or better yet, you’re flying your floatplane! As the sun is setting or a sudden thunderstorm or high winds force you off the lake, you now have to rush to get your boat or plane tied up and unloaded. Or, you can do what others have done and have a Schweiss hydraulic or bifold door mounted to your new or existing boathouse or lakeside hangar. So instead of unloading at the dock, you open the door of your boathouse or hangar with a remote control opener, put your boat or floatplane inside, then shut the door behind you. (Note: It is not recommended that any pilot taxi their aircraft into a hangar with the engine running.)

Installing a boathouse or lakeshore hangar door is obviously a little more complicated than installing one on dry land, but the people at Schweiss Doors have the experience and know-how to do it right the first time, every time.

Schweiss hydraulic and bifold doors are also made to accept a number of different exterior claddings, from lightweight aluminum siding to heavy wood planking. Schweiss heavy-duty hydraulic pumps and cylinders, and top or bottom mount motors and bifold door lift-straps, can lift any size of door.

Schweiss bifold doors close tight, providing needed protection from waves, wind, and weather, and can be wind-rated to withstand hurricane-force winds.

Learn more about Schweiss Doors at, or call (800) 746-8273.

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