New Schweiss Liftstrap Conversion Kit For Tired, Old Hangar Doors

HECTOR, MINN. – A frequent request Schweiss Doors receives is from hangar owners who want to upgrade their doors with a Schweiss Bifold liftstrap retrofit conversion to replace their outdated cable lift systems. A majority of these requests are for doors made by other manufacturers.

Schweiss Doors can meet this need. A liftstrap conversion kit is now available.

For years, bifold doors have been lifted and lowered by the conventional means of unsafe steel cables. Schweiss revolutionized this process with the invention of its patented liftstraps. Ninety-six percent of Schweiss Door customers are now demanding these strong polyester liftstraps.

Liftstraps give the hangar door more lifting capability. The strength-to-weight ratio on the straps is 29,000 lbs. tensile strength, compared to a 1/4-inch cable, which only provides a 7,200 lb. rating. They vastly outlast cables, there are no cables or pulleys to adjust, and cables have been known to break, causing damage to expensive aircraft and machinery. Schweiss liftstraps never rust, tangle or overwrap and are guaranteed for 10 years.

For more information on Schweiss doors and liftstrap retrofit conversion kits, visit the Schweiss website at or call 800-746-8273.

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