Summer At Last!

Christopher Roy

With summer here, what better time is there to learn about flying, aircraft maintenance, airport operations and the vast array of aviation industry career fields? What better time is there to improve your flying proficiency or even upgrade your pilot certificate with a new rating or endorsement? If you haven’t tried flying a seaplane, go find the nearest seaplane base and go for a ride. I am confident you will love it!!!

To truly enjoy the beautiful Minnesota summer I suggest that aviators who are properly rated and completely current should, whenever the opportunity arises, take a young person up for a flight. Show them the excitement and beauty of flight. But I’ll open that up and say why not take someone from your city leadership for a flight around your city or town.

Help them to see the advantages and value of the airport and flying to the community. Educate them about all the great things that aviation brings to a community. Help them understand that aviation benefits everyone, even those who do not fly! Show them the importance of supporting and maintaining a quality airport in the community. It is a small investment in the future of your airport and aviation that could pay great benefits in the future of your city and region.

When you go flying this summer, instead of just flying from point A to point A, or point A to your usual point B, why not get a little adventurous and visit a different Minnesota airport. You have 135 airports to choose from! Go ahead. Discover even more of the beauty and treasures Minnesota has to offer.

If you are not active in the Fly Minnesota Passport program, now is the time to get started. Go to our web site at to get detailed information about this fun and exciting program. You’ll also have a chance to earn valuable prizes!

Make this a summer of flying fun. Share aviation! Doing so enhances its value to the entire community. Get involved in the Passport program and have fun. Please be safe, alert, and enjoy the summer!

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