It’s Just The Beginning

Christopher Roy

by Chris Roy, Director
Mn/DOT Office of Aeronautics

It is always exciting to be at the start of a new year with all the promise of new opportunities and greater things to come. There are so many opportunities for us as individuals to make positive changes in our own lives, as well as in the lives of those around us. We have only to look beyond where we stand to see opportunities to share the many good things we have in our lives that we may take for granted. But for others, that chance may just be a dream that seems to them to be unreachable.

That’s one place where you have the opportunity to make a great difference. You, as an aviator, have done something that most people may never do or have the opportunity to do. That is…you can fly (with the aid of an airplane). Many of the people in your community have never flown or have never been truly introduced to aviation. So this is your chance to not only open their eyes to (possibly) the experience of flying, but at least to the opportunity to learn about aviation and its importance to the entire community.

Think about this. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) lists over 320,000 registered aircraft in their current database. More than 211,000 of those aircraft are part of the General Aviation (GA) fleet. Many of those GA aircraft can utilize the landing facilities of most of the 19,000 public and private airports, heliports and/or seaplane bases around the country. Now compare that with the airlines.

The airlines serve fewer than 600 of the 19,000 U.S. airports! Clearly, aviation as a whole is vital to every citizen and every community in the nation. Without aviation in the U.S., the quality of American lives would be significantly diminished. Millions of well-paying jobs would not exist. Without an airport, the front door to the community would be closed.

We must not forget the importance in this effort, of educating and training our youth toward careers in aviation. Additionally, by educating and informing the leaders and citizens of your community about aviation’s very important role, it helps to secure the continued strength and vitality of your community, your airport, and the aviation industry.

This is your opportunity to stand up and have a positive impact on the future. Remember, the world is round. What may seem flat and having an end, in fact isn’t, and may well be, just the beginning!

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