GA Tenants Almost Forgotten In Airport Land-Swap Proposal

MILWAUKEE, WIS. – In April 2012, the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors signed a resolution proposing a land swap to accommodate future operations of the Air National Guard’s 128th Air Refueling Wing. The resolution, which would provide the unit with expanded apron space, asserts that changing land values in the northeast quadrant should bring about review of the airport area’s land use.

General aviation tenants only learned of the agreement on its signing, said John Collins, AOPA manager of airport policy, adding that about 50 tenants could be displaced, and several air freight operations might also be affected by any reconfiguration of the quadrant. In a subsequent meeting with the GA tenants, two county supervisors among the resolution’s sponsors pledged to work with all parties toward an acceptable compromise, Collins said.

AOPA says that collaboration and communication are the keys to ensuring smooth planning, and having an organized airport support group or tenants association is very helpful in ensuring that GA’s voice is heard at an airport.

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