Company To Develop Commercial Replacement For Leaded General Aviation Gasoline

WEST LAFAYETTE, IND. – Professionals in the aviation and energy sectors have formed a company to scale up production of a high-octane, unleaded, sustainable general aviation gasoline and bring it to market. Swift Fuels LLC was created in partnership between Swift Development Renewable Fuels LLC and South Dakota-based RMB Energy LLC. Rob Broin, head of RMB Energy, is the interim CEO and Jon Ziulkowski from SDRF is COO. Swift Fuels LLC is based in West Lafayette, Indiana. Broin said Swift Fuels will be responsible for developing a market for 100SF, the company’s unleaded general aviation gasoline.

“This includes completing the approval of 100SF by ASTM International and the Federal Aviation Administration for use in all airplanes currently fueled by 100LL, and beginning immediate production of 100SF for testing and commercial use,” said Ziulkowski. Broin has a proven track record in the alternative energy arena through his nearly two decades as a principal of Broin and Associates Inc., which is now part of POET LLC, one of the nation’s largest ethanol manufacturers.

“With the added strength of Rob’s vision and expertise, we can finally realize the vision for lead-free general aviation fuel that sustained Swift through many past challenges,” Ziulkowski said. “We can all see a very tangible path to success for 100SF.”

Broin explained why he was interested in working to develop 100SF: “I was blessed to have played a role in establishing an industry that is responsible for reducing America’s demand for foreign-sourced, liquid motor fuel with a renewable product,” he said. “In Swift Fuels we have a similar opportunity to replace an environmentally hazardous leaded product with a synthetic, high-performance, renewable fuel.”

Ziulkowski spoke about milestones that 100SF has already achieved.

“With the publication of ASTM D7719 in May 2011, the industry is taking a proactive, forward-thinking approach to resolving the issues present with leaded general aviation fuels before the government is forced to impose a regulatory solution,” he said. “Additionally, we are receiving tremendous cooperation from the FAA on our Cessna 172 Supplemental Type Certificate program” (

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