Cessna Bringing Jet A Fuel Engine To Piston Market

OSHKOSH, WIS. – Cessna Aircraft Company announced that it is introducing an innovative technology for single-engine airplanes that will usher in new capabilities and increase the flexibility of general aviation. Cessna’s 182 Skylane will now be available as the Turbo 182 NXT, equipped with the first engine of its kind in the single-engine industry designed to run on Jet A aviation fuel.

Cessna says that the 230 hp Jet A engine has increased range, greater payload capacity, does not sacrifice performance, and has significantly lower direct operating costs due to the fact that Jet A fuel is typically more affordable and much more widely available. The engine uses only 11 gallons per hour at the estimated maximum cruise speed of 155 knots.

Maximum range at max cruise speed is 1,160 nautical miles (2,148 kilometers), certified ceiling is 20,000 feet (6,096 meters), fuel capacity is 87 gallons (329 liters), and the useful load is estimated at 1,030 pounds (467 kilograms).

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