Resolution – Solution

by Chris Roy
Director, Mn/DOT Office of Aeronautics

The holiday season is here again! All the potential for excitement and joy that the season brings leads into the long, quiet nights of winter. This allows us time to sit back, relax and reflect on the past year. It is a time for a well-deserved break, but it is also a time when we should be thinking about our investments in aviation, our airports, and the future of aviation.

Aviation is not a “they” type of organization or industry. In fact it is and always has been a “we” type of industry. In other words it takes us working together, you and me…all of us in aviation, to make a positive and beneficial difference throughout Minnesota. It takes the strength of thought and action of each intelligent, caring, responsible person who truly loves aviation, to contribute consistently so that all our efforts and actions benefit the people of Minnesota.

Together, we can accomplish many wonderful things. With your ideas, suggestions, plans and even physical efforts, we can continue to make improvements in aviation that will help assure we have a safe and pleasant environment for flight. With your conscientious efforts, we can help continue to safeguard and improve our airports so that they remain the gateway to our many beautiful cities.

With your voice, we can reach the many who do not understand the tremendously valuable asset that airports are for our communities. In fact we have a brochure for the public to use to educate their community about the value of their airport and more. The brochure is available online from our website at:

With your voice we can reach the many that do not understand and have not been told how they benefit from aviation, even if they do not fly!

Think about what you can do to plan what you will do to help aviation in Minnesota. Together, we can continue to reach new heights.

Please plan to take an active role this coming New Year. It is our “resolutions” together that will bring about solutions that will make the difference.

Happy Holidays!

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