The SubSonex – When You Feel The Need For Speed!

by Woody Minar

Sonex Aircraft, LLC of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, introduced the “SubSonex Personal Jet” at EAA AirVenture 2013 with a flight demonstration on July 29th. Sonex announced that refundable kit reservation deposits of $10,000 were being accepted for the personal jet with deliveries anticipated to begin mid-year 2014. A guaranteed price of $125,000 is being offered for the first 10 deposit-holders to include the SubSonex Ultra-Quick Build Kit, along with the PBS TJ-100 turbojet engine with installation accessories. The kit is planned to minimize tasks for the builder.

The engine weighs 40 lbs and produces 247 lbs of thrust. The jet has a retractable nose gear, fixed mains, and large flaps with 15, 30, and 45-degree ranges. Fuel capacity is 42 gallons for 90 minutes (350 miles) of endurance, plus a VFR reserve.

Rotation is at 80 mph with a best climb speed of 140 mph at 2000 fpm. The 22-plus gallon fuel burn tapers off to 18 at 10,000 feet and 14 at 17,500 feet at a cruise speed of 190 mph TAS. Slow it down and the SubSonex becomes a completely aerobatic jet – a ballistic parachute is included just in case. Takeoff distance is 1200 feet. Landing is a breeze; it can stop in 1000 feet.

Sonex says this is “the aviation equivalent of a high-performance crotch rocket. There’s no room for golf clubs, suitcases, or even a large sack lunch. The aircraft is for those times when you feel the need for speed! The gross weight is 850 lbs with a useful load of 434 lbs.

Sonex Aircraft is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year and is known for their single- and two-place experimental kit planes, along with their Xenos sport motorglider. More information can be found at

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