Newest Product Developments At Wipaire

SOUTH ST. PAUL, MINN. – Wipaire, Inc. has announced that its “Wipline 1450” floats for light sport aircraft have entered their final phase of testing. The float has gone through its final nose gear drop tests for amphibious versions, and the first set of production floats is nearing completion. Additional sets of Wipline 1450s are also entering production to meet forecast demand.

Wipaire’s Lycoming IO-580-equipped Cessna 182 is currently completing noise testing. After completion of these tests, the aircraft will be ready for final FAA TIA flights. With 315 hp under the cowl, this modification is sure to be the cure for the common Skylane.

Wipaire’s engineering team is also working to support compatibility between Blackhawk’s PT6-42A Cessna 208 Caravan and Wipline 8000 and 8750 floats. Boasting 850 shp, the PT6-42A engine is part of Blackhawk’s XP42A upgrade, which is currently approved on Caravan and Grand Caravan landplanes.

Wipaire has completed the testing necessary to remove the aileron-rudder interconnect on most Cessna 172 models when equipped with Wipline floats. Currently, Wipaire’s drafting team is completing drawing updates to reflect this change. Upon completion of these updates, Wipaire will submit this change to the FAA for approval. Once completed, Wipline floats will be available to Cessna 172 owners in both configurations, with and without the aileron-rudder interconnect, dependent upon aircraft model and owner preference.

For additional information, call Wipaire at 651-451-1205 or email:

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