Calling All Airport Board Members!

by Cassandra Isackson
Director, Minnesota DOT Office of Aeronautics

Yes, that’s right; we want to meet you! We’d love to be invited to your meetings. Mom always told me I couldn’t go to parties if I wasn’t invited. So, send us an invitation if you’d like to meet us face to face. We’d like to hear what you need and let you know what we can or maybe cannot, do for you. It will give us a chance to assist you in real-time by providing current information and guidance on the issues you may be addressing. We can share information to help you with airport project funding plans.

Please keep in mind that it is vitally important for the FAA, MnDOT Aeronautics, airports, and pilots to have a shared vision about the airport system and the continued growth and safety of aviation in Minnesota. It is also important to remember to share information with your entire community about your airport and its value. Airports benefit every citizen, acting as the front door to their community. Overnight package delivery, emergency medical services, firefighting, agriculture, and commerce are just a few of the services airports provide the community.

We look forward to being invited to your meetings and to have the opportunity to get to know you, as well as to assist you. Please contact us by email or phone at:, (Director of Aeronautics), phone: 651.234.7210, or (Assistant Director of Aeronautics), phone: 651.234.7193.

By the way, if you have an event at your airport and you want to share the news, send the information to Dan McDowell, Public Affairs Coordinator, and he will direct your information to social media and web people in our office. We will be happy to add your event to our calendar and Facebook pages.

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