The Seaplane Pilots Association… Promoting, Protecting, Informing & Educating

Published in Midwest Flyer – April/May 2017

Seaplanes are the ultimate off-road vehicle…they will take your passion for flight to a whole new level. Only three percent of pilots have taken advantage of this form of flying that requires a unique set of skills, not known to pilots who are not rated. Seaplane pilots are highly regarded for having greater stick and rudder skills than pilots who are not rated, and these skills transfer to their ability to fly other aircraft as well.

The fun way is no runway… Every landing that a seaplane pilot does is unique, as the water surface and conditions are constantly changing.

Every seaplane flight combines flying, boating and the great outdoors, and promoting and protecting seaplane flying is the job of the Seaplane Pilots Association (SPA).

The Seaplane Pilots Association’s primary focus is to promote safe seaplane operations and to protect the seaplane pilot’s privilege to share the nation’s waterways with recreational, governmental and commercial operators.

Many states have a member who has volunteered to be a field director as a resource for other SPA members, and to help keep watch on state rules, regulations and legislation. Featured in this issue of Midwest Flyer Magazine are SPA Field Directors from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana and Ohio.

For additional information on seaplane flying and membership, contact the Seaplane Pilots Association at (863) 701-7979 or email (

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