Plane People Are The Best People!

by Dave Weiman
Published in Midwest Flyer Dec 2016/Jan 2017

In this issue of Midwest Flyer Magazine, you will read about a lot of people doing a lot of great things for aviation.

Pete Schoeninger helps us out with answers to our questions about aircraft ownership in his column, “Ask Pete,” beginning on page 7.

Attorney Greg Reigel is trying his best to keep us out of trouble by explaining why we are required to report motor vehicle actions to the Federal Aviation Administration in his column, “Aviation Law – On Your Side,” beginning on page 9.

Instrument flight instructor, Mick Kaufman, is also trying to keep us out of trouble by sharing what can go wrong with our avionics when we are most dependent on them in his column, “Instrument Flight,” beginning on page 11.

Harold Green has been instructing since 1976 and explains why he is concerned with pilots who are not proficient in using advanced avionics in his column, “Pilot Proficiency,” beginning on page 15.

Dr. Bill Blank reviews what we need to know and do before our next flight physical in his column, “High On Health,” beginning on page 17.

AOPA President & CEO Mark Baker briefs us on why AOPA Regional Fly-Ins have been successful, attracting 44,000 people in just three years, in his column, “From AOPA Headquarters,” beginning on page 19.

“People In The News” includes feature articles on air show performer, test pilot and military veteran, Bob Hoover, beginning on page 20; EAA Chairman & CEO Jack Pelton, beginning on page 22; and retired Pan Am Clipper pilot, Paul Johns, who just turned 103, beginning on page 33.

Our “Destinations” section continues to be a favorite, and in this issue, Yasmina Platt takes us to the Bahamas, beginning on page 38.

We hope you enjoy this issue of Midwest Flyer Magazine.

Reader feedback is always welcomed!

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