Recreational Aviation Foundation Seeks Support For Two Hearted Airstrip Project

Published in Midwest Flyer – April/May 2017

The Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF) is preserving, creating, and maintaining recreational airstrips for now and the future through various projects throughout the U.S. The “Two Hearted Airstrip” on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula near Lake Superior is the organization’s newest project.

RAF has begun the work, obtained land leases and an accepted bid from a local contractor, and is now awaiting materials to be delivered. But they need your financial support to complete the project to open the airstrip to the public. The river and airstrip got its name from the heart shape of the river.

The Two Hearted River is an amazing and fun river. Back in 1956 when Richard (Rick) Ness was 7 years old and living in Chicago, he was on vacation and his dad took him trout fishing on the river. They caught so many trout that he has never forgot the experience. “I am so happy the RAF and its members are bringing this airport back to life,” says Ness, who visits the airport in his Cessna 206 whenever he gets the chance.

“This is an amazing place that is most reachable via aircraft. It really deserves to become a destination for recreational flying. It offers some of the best wilderness views and experiences in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and the flight over the southern shore of Lake Superior with its beautiful vistas are perhaps some of the most spectacular of all of Michigan’s shorelines.”

For more information on the Two Hearted Airstrip Project, contact RAF Michigan State Liaison Brad Frederick at 248-761-5615 or via email:

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