BasicMed Goes Live…1,354 Pilots Ready To Fly!

Published in Midwest Flyer – June/July 2017 issue

FREDERICK, MD – Effective May 1, aviators can fly under the new BasicMed rules, and 1,354 pilots have already successfully completed the self-assessment checklist, physical examination with a state licensed physician, and AOPA’s free online Medical Self-Assessment Course.

“AOPA has fought for medical reform for years, and we are happy that so many pilots are ready to fly under BasicMed on the first day,” said Mark Baker, AOPA President and CEO. AOPA has developed Fit to Fly, a series of resources to help pilots understand BasicMed which include a Pilot & Physician’s Guide, FAQ, video, and more.

To help those who have been away from flying, AOPA is partnering with flight schools to offer Rusty Pilots seminars in hundreds of locations across the country. By attending the three-hour seminar free to all AOPA members, pilots will receive an instructor’s endorsement that meets the minimum requirement for the ground portion of a flight review, and they will have the opportunity to meet local flight instructors so that they can schedule a lesson to complete the ground and flight portion of a review. Nearly 3,600 pilots have returned to active flying status through Rusty Pilots (

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