Letters from Robert (Bob) Ross Rees, Jr.

Hi Dave & Peggy:

I was Googling flying articles and found out about Midwest Flyer Magazine, and it had an article from a pilot I met a few times at some AOPA events in Iowa. I first met Yasmina Platt (formerly manager of AOPA’s Central Southwest Region) in April 2012, and later in September at an event in Atlantic, Iowa.

If you hear from Yasmina, please tell her I said “Hello.”

I finished my 9th grade at Chippewa Falls (Wisconsin) High School in 1972, and attended 10th grade, and part of my 11th grade, in Racine and Kenosha, Wisconsin.


Robert (Bob) Ross Rees, Jr.
Des Moines, Iowa

EDITOR’S NOTE: Yasmina Platt has been with the international airport planning and development consulting firm AECOM since 2016. She also writes an aviation travel blog called “Air Trails” (www.airtrails.weebly.com), and articles on “Pilot Destinations” for Midwest Flyer Magazine. Pilots can read articles Yasmina Platt has written by going to www.MidwestFlyer.com and typing in her name in the search box.

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