Letter from Doug Tomas

Published in Midwest Flyer – August/September 2018 issue

Hi Dave:

After listening to the podcast the other day (“Simple Flight Radio,” April 29, 2018, https://player.fm/series/simpleflight-radio/midwest-flyer-read-all-about-it-april-29-2018), I wanted to share with you what I found at our hangar in Stoughton, Wisconsin the other day.

Someone had brought out a big box of old aviation magazines that were left at the hangar. I sifted through them for “good stuff” and found GOLD!

The cover photo of Dick Peterson and inside photo of Dick, Bill, Roger, and Doug, “in their element” are very special to us now.

This, and a couple other special issues, will be kept in my collection (i.e. Wixom family Blackhawk Airways cover, Bill Amundson in his Waco, Midwest Flyer subscription display). Someday they will go to the Stoughton Historical Society. And I realized after the podcast that this was the first year of publication!

Thanks for helping us document this history, and congratulations on your success in a very challenging industry over the past 40 years!   Cheers!                                                                    Doug Tomas
East Troy, Wisconsin

EDITOR’S NOTE: Doug, we are glad the magazines brought back fond memories, and are now a historical record of the aeronautical craftsmanship and achievements of the people at the Stoughton, Wisconsin airport.

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