Non-Towered Airport Flight Operations

Published in Midwest Flyer – August/September 2018

Pilots! Are you aware of a relatively new advisory circular (AC) that applies to aircraft operators operating at or in the vicinity of an airport without a control tower or at an airport with a control tower that operates only part time? It is AC 90-66B Non-Towered Airport Flight Operations that was issued March 13, 2018. You can download your own copy of the document at:

According to AC 90-66B, “PURPOSE OF THIS ADVISORY CIRCULAR (AC), this AC calls attention to regulatory requirements, recommended operations, and communications procedures for operating at an airport without a control tower or an airport with a control tower that operates only part time. It recommends traffic patterns, communications phraseology, and operational procedures for use by aircraft, lighter-than-air aircraft, gliders, parachutes, rotorcraft, and ultralight vehicles. This AC stresses safety as the primary objective in these operations. This AC is related to the right-of-way rules under Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 1, § 1.1 (traffic pattern), and part 91, §§ 91.113 and 91.126.”

Also, the AC cancels AC 90-66A, Recommended Standard Traffic Patterns and Practices for Aeronautical Operations at Airports without Operating Control Towers, dated August 26, 1993; and AC 90-42F, Traffic Advisory Practices at Airports Without Operating Control Towers, dated May 21, 1990. AC 90-66B reflects current procedures and best practices at airports without operating control towers and includes relevant material from AC 90-42F.

Please take the time today to download and read your personal copy of AC 90-66B. It is packed with very relevant information and diagrams.

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