Remember To Change Your Mailing Address

by Dave Weiman
Published in Midwest Flyer – December 2018/January 2019 issue

If you are moving, be sure to change your mailing address with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and of course with us at Midwest Flyer Magazine. As a certificated pilot, you are required to notify the FAA of any change in address. Likewise, if you are an aircraft owner, you are also required to notify the FAA and your state aeronautics office, bureau or division.

You can either call, write or change your address with the FAA online. The telephone number for the Airman Certification Branch is 866-878-2498. Online, go to: or go direct to: The mailing is: Federal Aviation Administration, Airman Certification Branch, AFS-760, PO Box 25082, Oklahoma City OK 73125.

When you die, your executor should notify the FAA by mail with a letter stating that you have died, and include a copy of your death certificate with your name, date of birth, and either your social security number and/or pilot certificate number.

If you own an airplane and have an address change, contact the Aircraft Registration Branch of the FAA at 866-762-9434, or send a letter to: Federal Aviation Administration, Aircraft Registration Branch, PO Box 25504, Oklahoma City OK 73125, or go online at or go direct to:

To change your mailing address with Midwest Flyer Magazine, email your old and new address to: Even if you go south for the winter, email us your winter address to avoid missing any issues.

If you are not a current subscriber, subscribe online at, or complete and return the subscription order form on page 62. Thank you!

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