Much More Than Merely A Collection

by Dave Weiman
Published in Midwest Flyer – February/March 2019

You will read in this issue of Midwest Flyer Magazine about EAA’s Wright Brothers Memorial Banquet held at the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Aviation Museum on December 7, 2018. You will also read about the banquet speaker, former astronaut Frank Borman, who donated his collection of personal archives and memorabilia to EAA. EAA in turn created an exhibit in Borman’s honor called “The Borman Collection: An EAA Member’s Space Odyssey,” and it is significant.

First, the exhibit recognizes Frank Borman’s contributions to the National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA) and space exploration. He was the commander of the famed Apollo 8 mission, which in December 1968, involved the first manned spacecraft to orbit the Moon.

Second, Frank Borman is a fellow general aviation pilot and EAA member, and he wanted EAA to have his collection because in his own words, “I have the greatest respect for what they do. I believe they are responsible for preserving general aviation and our ability to fly. It means so much to me for this collection to be here and that others will enjoy it.” Frank Borman’s willingness to share with others and safeguard his collection resonates strong with me, as I am sure it resonates strong with you.

I have had the privilege to know and work with a number of astronauts over the years. Most, if not all of these fine human beings, are members of our national pilot organizations and in that way, we share a camaraderie with one another. The astronauts I’ve known are the brightest of the brightest, and very modest of their accomplishments and contributions. Frank Borman is one such person.

I hope you enjoy the feature story beginning on page 26.

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