64th Annual Wisconsin Aviation Conference To Be Held In Green Bay

The Wisconsin Aviation Conference (WAC) will be held in Green Bay, Wis., May 5-7, 2019. Register online at the Wisconsin Airport Management Association (WAMA) website: https://wiama.org/events

The conference will open again beginning with sporting events and networking opportunities on Sunday, and continue with professional sessions on Monday and Tuesday. The 2019 WAC will be filled with timely topics for all attendees including Wisconsin airports, consultants, and representatives from the Wisconsin Bureau of Aeronautics and Federal Aviation Administration.

WAMA is seeking nominations for its 2019 awards to be presented at the conference. Nominations of persons or projects must be made online at https://wiama.org/Awards by March 16, 2019.

Nominees can be submitted for the following awards:
• Distinguished Service Award
– Awarded to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to aviation.

•Blue Light Award
– Awarded to an individual in the media who has distinguished themselves by their excellent reporting on Wisconsin aviation.

•Person of the Year Award
– Awarded to an individual who has distinguished themselves in Wisconsin aviation during the past calendar year.

•Lifetime Service Award
– Awarded to an individual who has devoted themselves to promoting and serving Wisconsin aviation for at least 10 years.

•Airport Engineering Award
– Awarded to an individual who has made significant professional contributions in the airport engineering or architecture fields in Wisconsin.

WAMA annually awards up to $2,000 in professional development scholarships to its members. WAMA also awards up to $2,000 annually in collegiate scholarships to students. Applicants must apply online at https://wiama.org by March 16, 2019.

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