Airport Board Honors Midwest Flyer Magazine Contributing Editor, Dr. Bill Blank

Published in Midwest Flyer – June/July 2019 issue

LA CROSSE, WIS. – The City of La Crosse Regional Airport Aviation Board passed the following resolution recently, recognizing Dr. Bill Blank for his service to the airport.

Whereas Bill Blank served as a member of the City of La Crosse Regional Airport Aviation Board for a term beginning February 2014 and ending October 2018, and

Whereas Bill Blank served as vice chairman during his tenure on the board, and

Whereas over the years, Bill Blank performed as an aerobatic pilot for many La Crosse area tourism events, thereby sparking an interest in General Aviation piloting, and

Whereas Bill Blank has conducted many Ophthalmology seminars for Federal Aviation Administration Medical Examiners, and

Whereas in December 2018, Bill Blank was presented with the Federal Aviation Administration Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award – the highest award the FAA bestows.

Therefore, the City of La Crosse Regional Airport Aviation Board (hereby) recognizes Bill Blank for his significant achievements and contributions as a General Aviation pilot.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Dr. Bill Blank is a contributing editor to Midwest Flyer Magazine in which he writes the column High On Health. “I received congratulations from several FAA doctors (from Oklahoma City and elsewhere),” said Blank. “The real honor was receiving congratulations from the Federal Air Surgeon, himself, Dr. Mike Berry.”

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