LoCamp Kit Manufacturer Survives Flood!

Published in Midwest Flyer – June/July 2019 issue

LONE ROCK, WIS. – Golden Age Aeroworks, located at Tri-County Regional Airport (KLNR) in Lone Rock, Wisconsin, reports that despite flooding that occurred in March 2019, recovery efforts are going well for the manufacturer of the nostalgic “LoCamp”monoplane.

“Over the last several weeks, we’ve cleaned up the flood mess in our shop and parts inventory hangars, and learned that things are not as bleak as they seemed in the immediate aftermath (of the flood),” says Ed Leineweber, managing member of Golden Age Aeroworks.

The shop equipment, tools and supplies sustained very little permanent damage, and the aircraft inside were not damaged at all, says Leineweber. While the loss in the kit parts inventory hangar was more extensive, the parts needing to be scrapped were limited to electronic components purchased for inclusion in the kits. “These components can be resupplied fairly quickly,” says Leineweber.

Meanwhile, Golden Age Aeroworks is working to complete the prototype Titan OX-340 engine installation, although flight testing has been delayed by the flood.

For additional information, contact Ed Leineweber at 608-604-6515 (eleineweber@goldenageaeroworks.com).

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