Teenager Aspires To Become A Pilot, Mechanic & Engineer Thanks To EAA Chapter & Ray Aviation Scholarship

Published in Midwest Flyer – August/September 2019 issue

Addison Geer, 16, of Hustisford, Wisconsin, is homeschool and just completed her sophomore year in high school. Last December, she was hired by Eric Nelson at Beaver Aviation at Dodge County Airport (KUNU) in Juneau, Wisconsin, where she got the opportunity to work on aircraft and expand her knowledge of aviation. This opportunity opened up a whole new world of career choices she had not previously considered.

Addison was asked on multiple occasions during her first few months on the job, if she considered getting her pilot’s license, and her answer was no, due to the cost. That was before she learned about the “Ray Aviation Scholarship” program.

After her first EAA Young Eagles flight, which took place in a Piper J3 Cub, she was hooked. Aviation was a world she was determined to explore.

Addison met with EAA Chapter 897 members at KUNU and learned of the requirements for the scholarship. After submitting a video and essay, she was chosen as one of two recipients from the chapter to receive the scholarship.

The Ray Aviation Scholarship was originally supposed to be granted to only one recipient in each of the EAA chapters that applied; however, EAA Chapter 897 had two extremely good candidates. Because anonymous donors stepped up to cover the difference, Chapter 897 was not required to choose between the two candidates, and EAA agreed to split the scholarship of $10,000 between them.

At press time, Addison had 20 hours of flight time, and although she had not yet soloed, she was getting extremely close. She plans to obtain her private pilot certificate by her 17th birthday in January 2020.

Receiving the scholarship has given Addison a better idea of what she wants to do upon graduating from high school. She hopes to continue with her aviation career, and has three different career goals: 1) earn her A&P and IA technician certificates, 2) get a degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and 3) fly for the airlines.

Addison is currently a member of EAA Chapter 897, and is extremely grateful to it, EAA, and the Ray Foundation for giving her this amazing opportunity!

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