Letter From Robert L. Mann


Great article about the size of self-serve fuel hoses. Our local airport has an old-style manual (system), and worn out reel with a fuel hose and nozzle that is larger than it needs to be. The hose and nozzle were recently replaced by someone who did not know the correct size. Before being replaced, I was able to handle the refueling, but with the extra weight of the hose and fuel inside the hose, it has become more than I care to struggle with. So, when I need fuel, I fly 25 miles down the road to a more user-friendly airport. Its all okay, as it gives me another excuse to fly, and the manager loves my business.

Until I read your article, I thought I was the only person with the problem, but I see that I am not alone. I might add that I am 78 years old and not as strong as years past. That is something that should also be considered as there is a great percentage of senior pilots these days.

Robert L. Mann
Gothenburg, Nebraska

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