Fly Wisconsin… Still Going Strong!

by Hal Davis
WisDOT Bureau of Aeronautics
Published in Midwest Flyer – October/November 2019 Issue

It’s now been over two years since the Wisconsin Airport Management Association and Wisconsin Department of Transportation teamed up to launch the “Fly Wisconsin Passport Program”. For those unfamiliar, the Fly Wisconsin program rewards pilots and their passengers for flying into Wisconsin airports, attending FAA safety seminars and visiting Wisconsin’s aviation attractions. Participation in the program is free and open to all pilots and passengers from any state.

Since the start of the program, 1,300 people have registered. So far, only seven aviators have completed the entire program and earned the coveted leather jacket, though many more have earned the t-shirt and flight bag.

For those already participating in the program, we recently added the option to earn bonus activity stamps. To review the updated rules and stamp locations, or to register for the program, visit our website at:

Also, join us on Facebook at:

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