Piper Announces New M600 SLS… First GA Aircraft To Be Standard Equipped With HALO™ Safety System & Autoland Capability

Published in Midwest Flyer – December 2019/January 2020 issue

VERO BEACH, FLA. – Piper Aircraft has announced the next generation M Series aircraft – the M600 SLS, standard equipped with the new HALOTM Safety System – enhancing safety for one of the world’s leading personal-use, BasicMed compliant aircraft. It will now also be the first general aviation aircraft in the world to be certified with “autoland” capability.

The HALOTM Safety System is a compilation of innovative technologies unique to the M600 SLS and the Garmin G3000 avionics suite. The system includes auto-throttle, emergency descent mode, enhanced stability and protection, surface watch, safe taxi, flight stream connectivity and more. However, of greatest significance is the addition of Garmin Autoland – digital technology that safely lands the aircraft at the nearest suitable airport in the event that the pilot is incapacitated.

The HALOTM system, once engaged, either automatically or by a passenger, gains immediate situational awareness and assumes control of all systems necessary to bring you and your passengers safely to the best suited runway. During all phases of flight, the system communicates with passengers and appropriate air traffic control facilities regarding the new flight plan route and estimated time until landing. HALOTM continually monitors all aircraft system parameters and real-time external inputs as if the pilot were at the controls. It takes into account runway size and orientation, wind, time, fuel range, glide path and considers weather conditions and terrain en route to the nearest suitable runway. Once HALOTM has landed the aircraft, the braking system will activate and bring the aircraft to a full and complete stop. Finally, the engine will shut down and instructions will be provided on how to exit the aircraft.

The M600 SLS raises the bar in Luxury with the addition of the EXP interior package as standard equipment. The interior package was designed with a focus on the personal travel experience and enables the customer to select from sophisticated interior color palettes with custom materials, stitching patterns and contrasting threads. Veneer and trim finishes further enhance the sense of unmatched refinement. Additionally, thoughtfully designed interior options, like two toned leather seats and Alcantara fabric, have been added to elevate the passenger experience.

Ownership of a M600 SLS is backed by an exclusive service program for the first five years of ownership. The Ultimate Care Program includes all scheduled maintenance, as well as hourly and calendar-based inspections.    

Certification of the M600 SLS is imminent with deliveries beginning this quarter through the global Piper dealer network at a price point of $2.994M.

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