Tarragon Aircraft USA Begins Operations In Pekin, Illinois

Published in Midwest Flyer – December 2019/January 2020 issue

Tarragon Aircraft USA, LLC has started operations at Pekin Municipal Airport (C15) in Pekin Illinois. The company is an aircraft sales and service company in partnership with Pelegrin Tarragon of Adazi, Latvia. Created, owned, and operated by Michael Cruce and Charles Barth, Tarragon Aircraft USA, LLC is the sole provider of Tarragon Aircraft sales and service for the Latvian-built, FAA experimental category airplane.

Michael Cruce operates Cruce Agricultural Aviation, and Charles Barth works for the City of Pekin and is a 30-year veteran of the Air National Guard.

Pelegrin Tarragon and its partners began producing the Tarragon out of pre-peg carbon fiber. Per European standards, the Tarragon is considered an ultralight aircraft, weighing under 800 lbs. empty. The Tarragon is a two-place, tandem aircraft with custom-made retractable tricycle gear. Powerplants and props range from 100-115 hp Rotax engines to 135 hp EPA and Edge-powered Rotax high-performance engines, and UL Power 130 hp engines. The Tarragon has a cruise speed of 170 – 185 mph, and a stall speed with full flaps of 40 mph.

For serious inquiries, call 309-346-3348 (www.tarragonaircraft.com).

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