Meet Teresa Klein

Airport Land Program Manager
WisDOT Bureau of Aeronautics
Published in Midwest Flyer – April/May 2020 issue

In October 2019, Teresa Klein joined the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT), Bureau of Aeronautics (BOA), as the Airport Land Program Manager. Klein is responsible for land acquisitions, releases and program development within BOA, including quality assurance and interpretation of federal and state eminent domain law. She selects and manages the land program service providers and is responsible for the contracting and financial recordkeeping of land program projects.

Before joining BOA, Klein worked for the WisDOT, Bureau of Technical Services, for 13 years as a Real Estate Specialist Senior, where her primary responsibilities were acquisitions, preparing complex and non-complex appraisals, managing project budgets, relocations, and condemnation and litigation matters. She provided guidance and training to region and statewide real estate specialists and consultants in all aspects of acquisitions and negotiations, and she served as expert in the READS database for the SW Region offices.

For any questions concerning the BOA land program, email Teresa Klein at or call (608) 266-3092.

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