Meet Mark Graczykowski

Airport Program Engineer
Wisconsin Bureau of Aeronautics
Published in Midwest Flyer – June/July 2020 issue

Mark Graczykowski has spent the past several months working to transition into his new role as Airport Program Engineer for the Wisconsin Bureau of Aeronautics (BOA). Mary Strait, the current Airport Program Engineer, will be retiring in late July 2020, and is graciously working to pass along all her knowledge to Mark. Replacing a legend like Mary will not be easy, but Mark is looking forward to the challenge.

Mark’s extensive airport planning background, knowledge of the BOA system and strong relationships with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) should assist in the transition to the new role. Mark is excited to work with every airport in Wisconsin and assist them in programming projects to foster continued successes across the state.

Mark joined the BOA in October 2017 working as an airport development engineer responsible for managing projects at 10 airports around Wisconsin, while also coordinating regularly with FAA on airport planning projects. Previously, Mark spent 13 years working for MSA Professional Services as an airport engineer, working on airport planning and development projects at general aviation airports around Wisconsin. Mark, a Manitowoc native, earned two Bachelor of Science degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville in 2004 – one in Civil Engineering, and the other in Environmental Engineering.

In his free time, Mark enjoys playing board games with his wife Sarah, reading, listening to his robust collection of Pearl Jam concerts and writing. When the weather allows, they enjoy hiking, camping and kayaking, along with time spent by their backyard fire pit.

You can contact Mark Graczykowski by phone at (608) 266-0902 or email at

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