Jessica Cox Celebrates 30th Anniversary of Americans With Disabilities Act With A Flight With Former U.S. Senator Tom Hawkins (D-IA)

On July 24, 2020, Jessica Cox of Tucson, Arizona, the world’s first pilot born without arms, will fly former Senator Tom Harkin (retired, Dem-Iowa) for a flight in her 1946 Ercoupe at AOPA’s home airport, Frederick Municipal Airport in Frederick, Maryland (KFDK). This is Jessica’s thank you flight for a man whose leadership made it possible for her and millions of other Americans with disabilities to access their rights, and pursue their own hopes and dreams. The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) was truly a landmark piece of legislation, and it turns 30 years old on July 26, 2020. Senator Harkin was the lead sponsor of ADA, and remains one of its fiercest advocates. He is also a pilot, and loves to fly!

With ADA, Jessica could attend school, earn a degree, get her driver’s license, and eventually her sport pilot certificate. Today, she travels the world as a motivational speaker and advocate for disability rights.

See Jessica Cox’s recent airshow promo video:

Published July 2020

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