It’s New, It’s Strong, It’s Superstructure! Triple Leg Stand-Alone Hydraulic & Bifold Doors

Published in Midwest Flyer Magazine – April/May 2021 issue

Schweiss Doors of Hector, Minnesota, has completely raised the bar in terms of hydraulic and bifold doors for aircraft hangars, and commercial and industrial use. 

The new “Schweiss Superstructure Triple Leg Stand-Alone Door” is the only one of its kind. This trailblazing tripod leg design transfers the weight of the door to the footings that support it, eliminating the need for additional side columns from the building manufacturer, significantly reducing building costs. 

The free-standing door has its own superstructure framework attached that can be added to the client’s new or existing building. It’s all self-contained, so a retrofit is easy. This hangar door is so strong, yet so simple, that it requires nothing more than a common framed opening.

The stand-alone design eliminates the need for the building manufacturer to utilize a building truss or header to support the door on the building structure itself. 

To learn more about the new Schweiss Superstructure Hydraulic and Bifold Liftstrap Doors, go to or call 507-426-8273.

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