Book Signing @ Morey Field (C29)

Published in Midwest Flyer Magazine – June/July 2021
Online Issue

During his four years above the earth, throughout 58 years of teaching more than a thousand pilots, Field Morey overcame fear, faced weather, set records, had abundant fun…and as he puts it, “learned from my students…probably more than I taught.” In his memoir, the two-time “Flight Instructor of the Year,” and Wisconsin Aviation Hall of Fame honoree, Field Morey, recounts his coming-of-age in aviation and relates stories of memorable flights, remarkable adventures and relationships with students and family. Yes, this is a story about flying, but it is much more…It is a study of how excellence evolves, not always in a linear progression, but with passion and vision. “Four Years Above The Earth” by Field Morey (ISBN: 9781662422980    PAGES: 278 – $25.95). Available at – &, or at the book signing, July 24 – 25, 2021 at Middleton Municipal Airport – Morey Field, Middleton, Wisconsin (C29). Also visit

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