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Published in Midwest Flyer Magazine June/July 2021
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ForeFlight’s advanced electronic flight bag technology provides you with an affordable, all-in-one solution that makes flying easier, safer, and more enjoyable. New features include:

DYNAMIC WINDS & TEMPERATURES: View forecast wind speed, direction, and temperatures at multiple altitudes and times using these stunning weather layers, combining heat maps and particle animations.

AIRPORT 3D RUNWAY LIGHTING: Prepare for a night approach or establish a mental picture with toggleable Day/Night modes and realistic Runway Lights in Airport 3D.

DRAG & DROP FILES: Import multiple files at once with this new workflow (including “stacking” gesture for multiple files). This feature also works within any document drive to add documents or entire folders to a custom binder.

FOREFLIGHT LABS: TAXI ROUTING: Access cutting-edge features and easily provide feedback to help us optimize and refine them with ForeFlight Labs! Our inaugural feature is Taxi Routing, where users can chart a course to or from the runway with an interactive and contextually aware taxi route bubble editor.

BACKGROUND DOWNLOADS: ForeFlight will now continue downloading selected charts and data, even when backgrounded, allowing users to use other apps on their iPad or iPhone without interrupting the download.

ForeFlight 13.3 also includes a new “Weather Layer Legend” just above the time slider, with the ability to link multiple Jeppesen accounts in ForeFlight and combine linked accounts with chart coverages purchased through ForeFlight, and expanded VFR chart add-ons for European customers.

ABOUT FOREFLIGHT: ForeFlight formed in 2007 with one guiding mission: Create software that makes flight planning easier. Since then, ForeFlight has not only revolutionized the pilot’s flight bag, but also laid the groundwork to make mobile flight planning apps essential to flight operations. Continued strong growth has positioned ForeFlight as a leader in the aviation industry. ForeFlight serves the needs of pilots and flight departments all over the world, and across all segments of aviation including personal, business, military, commercial, and education.

ForeFlight Mobile, the company’s flagship product, is used by individual pilots and professional flight crews to gather weather and destination information efficiently. It has become the go-to app to route, plan and file, access and manage electronic charts and maps, organize flight publications, and used as a reference for enroute navigation aid.

The passion of ForeFlight’s pilot co-founders. – Tyson Weihs and Jason Miller – drives ForeFlight’s culture to build elegant, high-performing products, and the company practices its core values on a daily basis (

ForeFlight, now a Boeing company, has offices in Houston and Austin, Texas; Portland, Maine; and Odense Denmark.

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