With Tanis & SwitcheOn

Published In Midwest Flyer Magazine Online October/November 2021 Issue

Tanis Aircraft Products, a Hartzell Propeller company, and SwitcheOn, a Malmoset, LLC company, are working together to make preheating aircraft engines and cabins easier for aircraft owners.

Tanis Aircraft Products, the world’s leading manufacturer of aircraft preheating systems, and SwitcheOn, a cellular remote power switch manufacturer, have formed a partnership that provides the most advanced cellular option of remote power switching for consumers.  

Doug Evink, Hartzell Propeller Vice President of Sales for Tanis, says that this partnership is a continuation of their desire to bring the most advanced technology to the aviation preheating marketplace. Sean Mollet of SwitcheOn says that partnering with Tanis brings together the most advanced power switching product and the most advanced preheating system. This is what so many pilots have been wishing was available and now it is. 

Tanis Aircraft Products pioneered the aircraft preheating industry in 1972 and started selling aircraft engine preheating systems in 1974. Tanis received their first patent in 1976 and has sold well over 100,000 systems. In late 2019, Dovair Aviation, Inc. purchased the cellular remote switching system FST LLC and moved its production into the Tanis Aircraft Products facilities. As announced July 13, 2021, Tanis Aircraft Products was purchased by Harzell Propeller with manufacturing operations in Piqua, Ohio, but Tanis sales offices remain in Blaine, Minnesota.

SwitcheOn uses a new Android application, along with an updated iOS application. Tanis Aircraft Products, FST LLC, and Preheatremote.com will continue to support the legacy FST LLC products that have been sold and will offer upgrade options to put this new hardware and software into their existing products. 

To order either a Tanis preheat system and/or SwitcheOn cellular remote power switch, contact Tanis Aircraft Products at 1-800-443-2136 or visit preheatremote.com or tanisaircraft.com.

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