The Aviation Community Is Up & At ‘Em!

by Dave Weiman
Published in Midwest Flyer Magazine October/November 2023 Digital Issue

Of all the industries I have been involved with over the years for business and pleasure, the general aviation community has been the most active when it comes to investing in its future. Everything from the EAA Young Eagles program, to AOPA’s scholarships which you will read more about in this issue, the Recreational Aviation Foundation’s (RAF) efforts to protect and promote back-country airstrips, Women In Aviation International programs to inspire young women to pursue careers in aviation, to aircraft manufacturers like Boeing which recognize the need for more pilots and aircraft technicians and are doing something about it, the aviation community is deeply involved in preserving its existence.

While having national aviation organizations to help lead the way, it is individual volunteers who roll up their sleeves and make events and programs happen.
When we add in all the aviation events, from EAA AirVenture-Oshkosh, July 24-30, 2023, to local fly-ins, there are plenty of activities for us to enjoy.

Thanks to all the EAA chapters and airport groups for hosting these events, and for working to keep GA strong. Thanks also to all the volunteers who park planes and cars, fly Young Eagles, flip pancakes and cook hamburgers, and lead by example. Airports throughout the country and their managers and fixed base operators are likewise to be commended for hosting events, which oftentimes require aircraft and shop equipment to be moved to make room in their hangars for tables, chairs, and cooking equipment.
Let’s keep investing in our future by being involved.

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