Jets, Floatplanes & Destinations

by Dave Weiman

Dave Weiman

Featured in this issue of Midwest Flyer Magazine are three jet aircraft – the Embraer “Phenom 300” as featured on the cover; the “HondaJet,” which recently reached a speed of 425 KTAS and a maximum operating altitude of 43,000 feet; and Piper Aircraft’s new single-engine “Altaire.” All three jets are being well received.

Once again, “floatplanes” are in the news. Featured is the Minnesota Seaplane Pilots Safety Seminar & Fly-In held at Madden’s Resort in Brainerd, Minnesota, in May; the Price County, Wisconsin fly-in, float-in and air show held each year on the Fourth of July weekend; “Bradford Camps” on Munsungan Lake in northern Maine; and Duluth-Sky Harbor Airport in Duluth, Minnesota. If you are looking for destinations to fly to, there’s four right there, but there are still more destinations featured in this issue.

Richard I. Bong Airport in Superior, Wisconsin, is where you need to fly to visit the “Richard I. Bong Veterans Historical Center” located nearby, and to dine at the “Upper Deck Restaurant & Lounge,” located at the airport.

Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport in Springfield, Illinois, is your gateway to visiting a number of historical sites associated with our 16th President. And when you arrive at the airport, dine at the “Subway Restaurant” located in the main terminal building.

Columns in this issue cover the gamut! Bill Blake in his “AOPA Great Lakes Regional Report” announces that Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has appointed GA pilots to the Michigan Aeronautics Commission… Attorney Greg Reigel discusses why an air ambulance operator was fined by the U.S. Department of Transportation for calling someone else’s helicopter its own in “Aviation Law”… CFII Harold Green discusses VFR navigational situational awareness in “Flight Tips”… CFII Gustav Ryberg discusses the iPad computer and ForeFlight program as powerful tools inflight and in the office in “Flight Training”… AOPA President Craig Fuller discusses why you should be at AOPA’s Aviation Summit in “From AOPA Headquarters”… EAA President Rod Hightower discusses why working together in the aviation community is more important than ever in “From EAA Headquarters”… CFII Jim Hanson shares with us his view on what we can do nationally to recruit and retain pilots in his “Guest Editorial”… Dr. John Beasley discusses the lighter side of depression in “High On Health”… CFII Michael Kaufman shares his knowledge and experience operating a number of autopilots and tells us which are his favorites and why in “Instrument Flight”… MNDOT Office of Aeronautics Director Christopher Roy discusses why adopting your airport is in your best interest in the “Minnesota Aeronautics Bulletin”… Ed Leineweber reports on the operation and maintenance concerns of the Rotax 912 Series Engine in “Sport Pilot – Light Sport Aircraft”… and Jeffery Taylor announces that the new Wisconsin Airport Directory & Pilot’s Guide is hot off the presses in the “Wisconsin Aeronautics Report.”

All this and more in this issue of Midwest Flyer Magazine!

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