New Aviat Dealer In Wisconsin

(L/R) Jim Larsen, Mike Nelms, and Larry Schlasinger are representing Aviat Aircraft at Midwest Husky Sales & Service, Rice Lake, Wisconsin.

RICE LAKE, WIS. – Aviat Aircraft has signed an agreement with Midwest Husky Sales and Service, LLC, which operates from Rice Lake Air Center, to offer sales and service for all three versions of the Husky A-1C aircraft. The new dealership will be responsible for Husky sales in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois and Michigan.

The Husky A-1C is available with 160, 180, and 200 hp engines. Huskys are high-wing aircraft with two seats, STOL performance, and have a 2,200-lb gross weight capacity, and a cruising speed range of 55 to 140 mph.

Aviat Husky A-1C

Rice Lake Air Center has established a global reputation for servicing TBMs and handles a large percentage of all TBM maintenance. The company also has a flight school, used aircraft for sale, fuel sales, and a Part 135 charter operation with CJ-1 and a King Air 90 aircraft. For more information, visit, or call 612.619.5782 (

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