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Yasmina Platt

by Yasmina Platt, Manager
AOPA Central Southwest Region

As you may have already read in previous editions of Midwest Flyer Magazine and AOPA Pilot magazine, AOPA has started a new regional manager program to increase its ability to address the issues facing general aviation at the state and local levels. The program is divided into seven (7) regions, all aligned with the FAA regions. I want to introduce myself to you as the new regional manager for AOPA’s Central Southwest Region covering New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Iowa. Among other things, I am responsible for all legislative issues within my region as well as making AOPA more visible, promoting membership, and serving as a local point of contact for members. I look forward to my new role and I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to serve you.

While my region covers several states, I will focus on Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri and Kansas in this magazine. So far, during my first two months with AOPA, I have attended several aviation events (including the Nebraska Aviation Symposium in January), tracked several bills, and begun meeting with a variety of leaders in the aviation community to brainstorm ideas and search for solutions. Some of the active legislative items include Nebraska’s LB352 and four bills in Missouri. AOPA very much supports LB352, which extends the approach zones from the current three (3) miles to 10 miles from the end of every IFR runway in the state to increase safety and promote good land use planning. Two of the bills in Missouri will extend the expiration date of the Aviation Trust Fund from 2013 to 2023. Youth aviation education and the promotion of general aviation have been my main focuses as it is clear to all of us that the pilot population and aviation workforce in general is decreasing and the image of general aviation is inaccurate and negative among some citizens and groups.

I appreciate the opportunity to share the news about AOPA’s activities in the Central Southwest Region with you and look forward to meeting you as I travel around the region, and communicate with you through Midwest Flyer Magazine (

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