Sweet Summer!

by Chris Roy, Director
Mn/DOT Office of Aeronautics

Christopher Roy

Someone once said flying resembles a box of candy. Until you really taste it, you never know how sweet it will be. With summer here, what better time is there to learn about flying, aircraft maintenance, airport operations and the vast array of aviation industry career fields? What better time is there to improve your flying proficiency or even upgrade your rating? As one small example, a friend recently said that he would likely never fly on floats, but he got the rating and loves it!

I have said many times that aviators who are properly rated and completely current should, whenever the opportunity arises, take a young person up for a ride. Show them the beauty and excitement of flight. But I’ll open that up and say, why not take someone from your city leadership for a flight around your town? Let them see the advantages and value of the airport and flying. Educate them about all the great things that aviation brings to a community. Help them understand that aviation benefits everyone in the community, even those who have never flown! Show them the importance of supporting and maintaining a quality airport in your community. It is a small investment in the future of your airport and aviation in your community that could pay great benefits that all can enjoy.

When you go flying this summer, instead of just flying from point A to point A or point A to your usual point B, why not get a little adventurous and visit a different Minnesota airport. There are more than 135 beautiful airports to choose between! Make this a summer of flying fun.

Share aviation! Doing so enhances its value to the entire community. Be safe, be alert and enjoy the sweet summer.

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