Newest Flight Instructor At Historic Stanton Airfield

STANTON, MINN. – Stanton Sport Aviation, Inc., owner and operator of Historic Stanton Airfield in Stanton, Minnesota, has appointed John Hall as its newest flight instructor. Hall is formerly a resident of the area, and is available for flight instruction in a wide variety of airplanes.

Hall holds a Commercial Pilot Certificate, Flight Instructor, and Multi-Engine and Instrument ratings. He has several thousand hours of flying experience as a charter pilot and flight instructor including mountain flying, most recently in Montana. He also flew for a company located in Connecticut, so he is experienced in high-density traffic areas.

“When John lived in the area he was one of our many customers renting the airplanes on a regular basis,” said airport manager, Kent Johnson.

Stanton Airfield is located between Northfield and Cannon Falls, Minnesota, just south of the Minneapolis and St. Paul metropolitan area.

Stanton Sport Aviation provides a full range of aviation services including airplane rental, flight instruction in airplanes and gliders, fuel sales, aircraft maintenance, and aircraft storage.

Stanton Sport Aviation is an authorized sales and service center for the Flight Design line of Light Sport Aircraft, and also specializes in classic tail-wheel instruction and rental.

To learn more about the services provided by Stanton Sport Aviation call 507-645-4030 or visit

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