A new and improved Flight Instructor Refresher Course (FIRC) will be held November 10th and 11th in Oshkosh, Wisconsin at the FAA Safety Center. The course is updated to reflect changes in the new Advisory Circular, which requires several new topics.

Included in the new required topics are: How To Give An Effective Flight Review, Flight Instructor Ethics and Professionalism, Pilot Deviations, and Building A Safety Culture Through Effective Teaching.

The goal of the updated course is to expose the instructor to the latest in flight training techniques, the newest technology, and, most importantly, operational and safety procedures. This isn’t just about rehashing the basics.

Many of the speakers are Designated Pilot Examiners (DPEs), which provide valuable insight for Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) who seek to improve the effectiveness of their instruction.

All attendees are provided meals and a 2013 FAR/AIM.

The course is open, at a reduced rate, to all pilots who will receive a certificate of completion upon successful completion of the course.

Registration information is available at www.dot.wisconsin.gov/news/events/air/firc.htm

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