Letter From Dan Watring, Jr.

Dear Dave:

Great article in the latest edition of your magazine (Aug/Sept 2012), but Senator Miller is sadly mistaken when he states that aviation is a non-partisan issue. The lunk-headed and self-serving politicians that chastised the auto executives for having the temerity to actually fly corporate jets to Washington, DC for their public browbeating, still has me incensed. How much damage this actually did to our industry can be debated, but it killed at least one corporate hangar deal for my firm. In this economy, that deal was a precious commodity to lose.  The Democrats led this charge and Sen. Miller has a D after his name.

I, too, will be interested to hear if the Hon. Mark Miller made that flight to EAA with a true patriot, Governor Scott Walker. Unfortunately, I suspect I know the answer.

Thanks, and keep up the good work at Midwest Flyer Magazine.

Dan Watring, Jr., Project Manager
VJS Lincoln, Inc.
Pewaukee, Wisconsin

Dear Dan:

A number of key issues came up the week of EAA AirVenture this year, and I am certain as majority senate leader that Sen. Miller was consumed with those issues and could not attend when the governor attended. The idea for Sen. Miller to join the governor to the world’s greatest aviation event was also a last-minute suggestion on our part, so hopefully it is something they will consider for 2013. It certainly would be beneficial for all concerned.

Dave Weiman
Midwest Flyer Magazine

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